Your Comfort through a Full Range of Relaxation Dentistry, Including IV Sedation

We understand that some patients have intense anxiety about dental treatments. Whether it is the shots, drilling, or procedures themselves, we can relieve your fear with conscious sedation dentistry.

We are one of the few practices in the state that can administer both oral and IV sedation. We also offer nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, for lighter sedation. Dr. Smith administers the IV sedation that gives you the strongest relaxation in the shortest amount of time. The level of sedation can be controlled with an IV, which is an advantage over taking a pill. The medication is given directly into the bloodstream, and an hour appointment will seem like two minutes. It is very safe and you will not remember your visit. This type of anesthesia works well for those who need more work done in one appointment, as well as for patients with extreme anxiety.

Oral conscious sedation is another option that results in a lighter level of sedation. One hour before your appointment, you take a pill. You gradually reach a very relaxed state, but can still respond to any questions. Your vital signs will be monitored and after the treatment is completed, you have someone take you home and stay with you as the medication gently wears off.

Some patients have more fear of not having control during a procedure. You are not “put under” as for surgery, but just to a level where you maintain perception of the environment around you, but are unafraid. This lets you feel comfortable throughout the visit and afterward.


For larger cases, we also partner with a board-certified dental anesthesiologist here in our office.
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your dental visit comfortable and relaxed.